Who we are

Who we are

International Promotion and Public Relations Agency

Who we are2023-09-22T11:52:16+00:00
Since 2012

We are an international promotion agency, experts in Asia.

Chinexita was born in 2012. Since then, we have been working with our clients to generate brand image and create commercial relationships between different countries.

We are experts in Asia, with offices in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

  • Multidisciplinary team

  • Extensive experience in the implementation of international promotion plans.

  • Communication and Public Relations Experts

  • Customer proximity

  • Definition of customized campaigns

Our Team

Ready to launch your project.

Lola Sanchez

Founder and Director

David Sanchez

Project Coordinator in Spain

Gao Jia

China Office Manager

Yin Luo

Project Manager

Some Frequently Asked Questions

For any other question you can contact us.

What kind of services does the company offer?2023-10-30T10:18:54+00:00

Our services include all those activities aimed at internationalization. We adapt to the client’s needs to create a plan of actions for promotion and development at the destination.

In which countries does the company operate?2022-08-24T13:52:56+00:00

We are a global agency with our own offices in Asia and collaborating entities in Europe, Latin America, the United States and Canada that allow us to generate complete promotional campaigns in international markets.

Which customers does the company work with?2023-10-30T10:20:52+00:00

We work on behalf of Spanish Promotion Institutes (Castilla-La Mancha and Comunidad Valenciana), interprofessional associations, Denominations of Origin and private companies.

What characterizes the company?2022-08-24T13:43:57+00:00

We offer personalized services and proximity to the client. We generate turnkey projects, with the complete development from the definition to the completion of the project.

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