Events and Communication

Experts in promotion in Asia

We bring countries together and build business relationships

Integral Service

We generate knowledge, define communication strategies and develop campaigns.


We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in international promotion and communication, especially in Asia.

Promotional Actions

Integral management of promotional actions in international markets. Online and offline.

Communication and PR

We implement complete campaigns: in traditional media, social networks, influencers, advertising campaigns and PR activities.

Promotional Actions

Design, construction of stands and assistance in trade fairs, point-of-sale promotions, product presentations, direct and reverse missions.

Communication and Public Relations

Design and implementation of media communication campaigns, web and social media management, advertising campaigns, activities aimed at journalists and influencers.


Multidisciplinary experience

Personalization and proximity to our customers

Our own offices allow us to work directly, avoiding intermediaries and minimizing costs.

Multidisciplinary team with extensive experience

Management of Promotional Actions
International Public Relations
Integral Communication