Our purpose and know-how is Internationalization

At Chinexita we understand that in a global world, internationalization is fundamental for business development.

  • We bring countries together and build business relationships

  • We work with international organizations to promote brands around the world.

  • We are today a global agency that connects different countries around the world, specializing in Asian markets.


Connecting the world through business relationships

We work to bring together companies and organizations from different countries.

  • Experts in promotion in Asia

  • Through international promotion activities around the world

  • We generate knowledge, define communication strategies and develop campaigns.


We are pioneers in brand promotion in Asia

After 10 years of experience, today we are a global
global agency
that connects different countries around the world

  • Multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in international promotion and communication, especially in Asia.

  • We are defined by personalization and closeness to the customer.

  • Our own offices allow us to work directly, avoiding intermediaries and minimizing costs.